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Brazil, one of the most exciting and alluring cities in the world, thanks to its cultural diversity, mouth watering cuisine, love for sports, Amazon’s amazing wildlife and beautiful unspoilt beaches welcomes thousands of tourists every year. Known for its magnificent sprawling cities, ethereal white beaches and tropical hideaways with the captivating blue waters of the Atlantic sea lined with coconut palms, Brazil is a sight to behold. These are counted among the best tourist places in Brazil.

If there would be any party capital of the world, the award would undoubtedly go to Brazil because of the fact that it throws the best party in the world- Rio Carnival. From the iconic Christ the Redeemer, wildlife safaris in Amazon, Rio de Janeiro’s scintillating nightlife, massive Iguaçu Falls, snorkeling and kayaking in Paraty, to the local Cachaça and the grand Rio carnival, Brazil offers almost everything a traveler could desire.

The tropical climate and majestic beaches of Brazil offers excellent water sports like scuba diving, kayaking and canoeing. Brazil’s sunday fleas and regular hippie markets offers indulgent pleasures ranging from the famous bikini, swimwear to its signature dark chocolate and Hand Painted clay figurines by Pernambuco artists. Whether you take home a christ statue replica or a ‘I have been to Brazil’ T-shirt, the markets in Brazil spoils you with a range of souvenirs. And add to it the friendliness of the locals, a shopping trip in Brazil makes for a perfect day out.

The glamorous copacabana beaches and clubs and pubs in São Paulo offers a vibrant nightlife with beach markets and electro music with some Samba. For nature enthusiasts, Brazil offers jaguar sighting tours in Pantanal and Amazon. For Partygoers, Brazil hosts the biggest ever Carnival every year in Rio de Janeiro around February. And the coastal climate of Brazil makes for incredible sunny days and balmy warm evenings making everyday nothing less than an adventure. So, head out and explore the best tourist places in Brazil.

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