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Trip To Amazon Jungle Near Manaus In Brazil


Trip Starting From: Manaus

Trip Location: Codajaz

About the Activity:

  • Gather for an awesome adventure cum thrilling five day package in the Amazon jungle near Manaus in Brazil.
  • On the first day, get picked up from the hotel of in Manaus around 08:00 AM, reach the deep jungles where you will get the rare opportunity to learn the forest and its ways.
  • Spend 2 nights at a jungle lodge, visit a local family in Caboclo village and also camp in the midst of the thick forest.
  • Swirl in enthusiasm while you explore the untamed forest covers with the help of your guide, spot some rare animals and have an enriched knowledge about the unique flora and fauna.
  • Enjoy fishing, try your hands at catching pirahnas and other types of fish from the nearby river. Wind up the tour after getting transferred to Manaus around 05:00 PM on the last day.
  • The trip is inclusive of food, accommodation and transportation during the trip.


  • Day 1 –

    Commence your adventure after getting picked up from your hotel around 08:00 AM. Then get transferred to the Ceasa harbour from where you will have to board a speed boat to cross the river to Careiro village.

    Once you reach there, you will be taking a van and travel for 60 minutes to reach a place called Parana do Mamori. From there you have to catch another speed boat in order to go to the Amazon jungle lodge.

    Around 11:00 AM, you will reach the spot and after checking in enjoy your lunch and get ready to do some activities as planned for the day.

    First of all take a canoe tour with which you can fish for pirahna and wait for the pick river dolphins.

    By the time for dinner, you have to return to the lodge. Post to it, head out to the river at night to search for Caiman, spot some of them heading out of water, hold them if you get a chance and return to the lodge for a calm sleep.

  • Day 2 –

    Enjoy the early morning breeze and watch the bewitching sunrise too while you do a bird tour. Have your breakfast after returning and it will be followed by an ecological jungle trek from 08:00 AM to 11:00 AM.

    The guide will explain about the medicinal plants, techniques of survival in the jungles and the animals you can find during the trek.

    Finish lunch around 02:00 PM before you set out for another expedition into the jungle, spend the night in the deep thick forest, try a new way of sleeping that is in hammock with the accompaniment of the tropical rainforest sound.

  • Day 3 –

    Experience a totally different morning inside the jungle, enjoy the delicious breakfast made by the guide and embark on to explore the jungle, enjoy paddle canoeing in the flooded forest and small creeks.

    Reach the lodge for your lunch, following it, visit a local family home in a Caboclo village; take the opportunity as a learning experience through which you will get to know about the unique way of their life.

    Be more happy while you enjoy your dinner with the local family, spend this night with them.

  • Day 4 –

    Today also you can spend as much time as you want exploring the thick forest, go to the inside and find more and more secrets of forests being revealed.

    Trek through the toughest paths inside, take a canoe ride through the small channels, enjoy watching the animals.

    Sleep in a hammock tonight also, after you try your hands our in spear fishing that can be served for your dinner.

  • Day 5 –

    Wake up early, enjoy the fresh morning for the last day of the trip, head back to the jungle lodge where you will be arriving for lunch around 11:30 AM.

    Wrap up the adventure trip by getting back to Manaus around 05:00 PM. You will be dropped off at the Manaus city centre.

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